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Practical Solutions can help you find your most important resources - Project Managers, Engineers, and IT Professionals, the resources that are the most critical element of any project or business.  The best technology and tools are only as good as the team using them.  We know this at Practical Solutions.  As experienced engineers, IT professionals,  and project managers we know that a job description is only a starting point.   There are many intangibles a candidate must have in order to fit in the company culture.   A full toolbox is no substitute for a personality or a sense of responsibility, or the ability to communicate and lead.  At Practical solutions we take the time to get to know YOU and understand what you want and what you need.


Practical Solutions will work with you on fees, commissions, and rates.  Our sweet spot is Project Management, Engineering, and  IT.  We can work most any venue through our network of recruiting professionals.  Please contact us with you requirements.


If you are a job seeker PSS will work with you to find the right position in the right location at the right salary.  Please go to the Recruiting Page and submit your resume


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